Spring is here, and that means spring cleaning time! But, don’t forget to also give your home a once-over after winter. Check areas that may need some maintenance so you can get started on your checklist before summer arrives.
  • Start at the top with your roof!  Check to see if any shingles were lost or damaged over winter. If any are cracked, buckled, loose or damaged they need to be replaced, as summer sun can increase damage to them as well. 
  • Next up is your chimney  (if you have one).  If you have a fireplace, make sure you get a chimney sweep out after winter! 
  • Working your way down, check your gutters!  Check gutters for debris (leaves, twigs, etc). You may want to consider installing gutter screens especially if you have nearby trees. Don’t forget to check the downspouts too!  Clogged gutters and downspouts can cause the wood trim at the eaves to rot, and that can lead to critters or bees in your attic space! Make sure your downspouts lead water AWAY from your foundation. 
  • Before we get spring rain, check your foundation! Check the house foundation for low areas – fill low areas with compacted soil to prevent foundation damage during times of rain. 
  • Don’t skip the concrete! Inspect exterior slabs – they should drain AWAY from the home. Fill cracks and seal if necessary! 
  • Don’t forget your siding! Check siding for any loose/rotting pieces. Also check your deck, railings, steps and windowsills. Recaulk doors and windows if necessary to prevent all that cool air conditioned air from escaping this summer. Reseal your wood deck if you haven’t in the last year or two!
  • Prepare windows. Repair or replace any window screens before nice weather arrives! Check for holes/tears before putting them on for spring. You don’t need any unwelcome insects inside!
  • Change HVAC filters- Have a qualified HVAC person out to service your AC if necessary before it really warms up. 
  • Don’t forget your attic! Check for bird nests, signs of unwelcome critters, damaged soffit, or any wet insulation that would point to needed repairs. 
  • Check over and service any lawn equipment before first use.


Routine home maintenance can save you the headaches of costly repairs that could potentially be avoided.

It can also help you prepare and budget for any future repairs or upgrades!

Now is the time to plan for any summer repairs or projects, especially if needing to hire someone, as many others will have the exact same idea.