Springtime rains and muddy prints might get you thinking…. How often should I be having my carpets cleaned? Whether you have dogs, kids, both, or just you, carpets and rugs can benefit from a good cleaning! 

Let’s start with vacuuming. To extend the life of your carpet or rugs, you should vacuum them once a week. Vacuuming removes loose particles on the surface of your carpet, before they seep into the fabrics and abrade the fibers. It also means you can go longer between professional deep cleanings!


What about families with children? Does that change things? Do your children accidentally spill juice on the carpet, or forget to remove their shoes after playing outside? Clean high traffic carpet areas every 6 months, and have them professionally cleaned once a year. 

What if you’re a pet family? Muddy paws, loose hair and even accidents make a big difference in how often you should have your carpets cleaned. Instead of once per week, vacuum your carpets and rugs twice per week to get rid of all the dander and loose hair. High traffic carpet or area rugs should be cleaned every 3-6 months, but aim to hire a professional twice per year. 


Have someone in your household with allergies? Carpet fibers can certainly collect dust and allergens. Eventually those allergens build up and become airborne when someone walks across said carpet or rug. To reduce this, vacuum thoroughly once per week and aim to have carpets professionally cleaned every few months. 


What to avoid when cleaning carpets yourself:

  1. Over-wetting. If your carpet is soaked, it’s very difficult to completely dry it out, and can even lead to mold/mildew, discoloration or even shrinking. 
  2. Over-shampooing. More is definitely not better in this case, and over-shampooing can leave behind a build up of soapy residue that is impossible to remove completely, leading to actually attracting MORE dirt. 
  3. Furniture on wet carpet. This is a big no-no as it can lead to staining, especially if furniture has any metal feet. 


Why hire a professional? Let me count the reasons why! For starters, your carpet may look clean, but is it really? Deep down, the fibers can hold onto dirt and actually cause a smell over time. Professional cleaners have particular methods to combat whatever the problem may be; mold, yeast, mildew, etc, in addition to removing odors! Professionals also use appropriate treatments to ensure your carpet and rugs are not left over-wet or over-shampooed, often times reducing the dry time drastically! Professional cleanings can also help extend the life of your carpet. So, as a rule of thumb, aim to have your carpets cleaned once per year, more often if you have children, pets or especially high traffic carpet areas!